AyA No. 37 12 Gauge – 9 PIN SIDELOCK O/U

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» Cartegory: Shotguns » Type: » Brand: AYA » Model: 266986 » Caliber: 12 Gauge

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AyA No. 37 12 Gauge – 9 PIN SIDELOCK O/U

General Specs: AyA, Year 1969+/-, 12 Gauge, 7lbs 7oz, Chokes M/XF
Serial Number: 266986

As shown on the AyA :
The Model Nº 37 is the most famous over-and-under ever made in the Basque Country, and at one time was the most expensive shotgun made in Spain. Patterned after the celebrated German Merkel, the Nº 37 was described by the American expert, Col. Charles Askins, as “the best over-and-under made in Europe.” High praise indeed!  Like the Merkel, the Model Nº 37 employs a deep frame with bolsters and a Kersten fastening system for strength and solid lock-up. It also has a three-piece forend and a true sidelock action, with internal gold-plating as a standard feature. The locks are hand-detachable, with a hidden release.
·         Double underlocking lugs and double crossbolt.
·         Chopper lump chrome nickel steel barrels.
·         Hardened steel intercepting safety sears.
·         Gold line cocking indicators.
·         Gold washed internal lock parts.
·         Hand detachable locks with concealed pin.
·         Optional single selective trigger
·         Fine game scene engraving.
·         Factory old silver finish.
·         Full pistol grip.
·         Rebated frame to retain stock head
·         Checkered butt
This No. 37, sn266986 built im 1969 +- is in 99% factory condition with very little use.  Cased in a fine leather case, we have priced this gun below market value to allow the next owner to have instant equity.  We can alter chokes to your desire, add a fine leather covered pad if you are a tall shooter…even change the stock dimensions if needed to personalize this fine shotgun to its new owner.  There are few 9 pin detachable sidelock over/under guns ever offered for sale, and this is one of AyA’s finest offerings at a price most shooters can afford.  The hand engraved game scenes and back shaded scroll is deeply cut and expertly executed.  The gun weighs a svelte 7lbs. 7oz. and balances nicely 3/8” ahead of the hinge pin to give you slight forward weight for a smooth swing on those crossing shots.  What a gorgeous gun and barrel shot during it’s 52 years of existence.  Thanks for looking!

Barrel Length:  28"
Chokes:  .018/.047  M/XF
Bores:  excellent
Bore Diameter:  .728/.729
Wall Thickness:  .033/.034
% Blue:  99% factory
Chambers:  2 3/4"
Ribs:  vent rib, tight
Sights:  single-silver


Action:  tight, right of center
Ejectors or Extractors:  Ejectors, timed
Case Color:  "old silver" finish 99% factory
Screws:  excellent
Engraving:  game scene engraved; clear, sharp, deep
Trigger Type:  single-crisp
Trigger Guard Color:  99% factory